Mark A., Buyer and Seller

Jill was immediately available to discuss a possible purchase and then the need to prepare our home for sale. Her calm, positive approach was helpful in what felt like a stress-filled, anxious time. Together Jill and Rob teamed up to oversee the sale of our home with great results.

Vera L., Seller

Excellent! Thanks so much – you both reduced the “pain” of selling a home.

Jack & Shirley M., Sellers

They knew they were not just selling a house but someones home, and for this they rate 5 stars all the way.

Pattie A., Buyer and Seller

Your professionalism, wise council and calming presence helped us so much. It’s a huge project and we did not know until it was over how much it was affecting us. “Thank you” seems inadequate.

Laura and James R., Buyers and Sellers

You were both great! It was a good experience. You knew what we wanted and showed us great homes that suited our needs. We truly appreciate how you didn’t put any pressure on us and offered good advice. Thanks again!

Don and Joan H.,Sellers and Buyers

We have had such an excellent experience through every stage of buying a condo & then selling our home of 34 years. Your patience through our 5-yr “looking” period gave us lots of information, time to adjust and confidence in what you can do. We decided to put ourselves in your hands and are certainly glad we did. Your “team” of assistants, realtor (Kelly), staging people were all wonderful additions to your efforts – all bringing us results we had hardly dreamed of! Thank you both.

D. Howell

In addition to dealing very capably with the service areas alone, Jill and Rob were very good about providing moral support with quick phone calls or e-mails at key points in the process. Ex: moving out of the house, being in loaned premises and moving into the condo.

Helen F. & Family

Our family is very grateful to Jill and Rob for guiding us through a difficult times. As seniors, our knowledge of the market today was very limited, we had confidence in Jill and Rob right away, and it was not misplaced. Dealing with people is a real gift and they have it.


A “zen approach” to Residential Real Estate, Buying and Selling. Jill and Rob’s calm and steady hand guides with an ease of security in their knowledge and professionalism. The job gets done in minimal time and achieves maximum results. What more would any client ask for…

Sincerely, Sheila & Don

We are very appreciative of the time and work you gave to sell our house and to find as a new home. At all times you were so patient, understanding of our difficulties in making decisions and ever ready to follow up leads we asked about.

We are very thankful Liz referred you to us. We will be more than happy to refer others to you.

Ruth & Rick

Rob and Jill guarded us through the whole process of finding a new home and selling our existing home for an excellent price. They were very understanding and attentive to our needs in a stressful time.

Thanks for going the extra mile for us on this. That’s why we’ll keep recommending you to our friends, neighbour’s, relatives and colleagues.

Kaylee and Adrian

Personal, caring service – pleasure to work with.

Cathy Rowlands and Warren Faber

We really appreciated all the assistance in the purchase of our new house and the sale of the old one. Your know knowledge, promotion and contacts got us a wonderful price for our sale and prevented us from overpaying on the purchase of our new house! ‘A pleasure to work with’ hardly covers the situation!
Good luck with everything this year.

Gabrielle & Luc

Jill, I don’t think we had a chance to truly appreciate all your skills. You were extremely generous of your time, and made us feel comfortable with our choice, which to me matters most.

Thank you very much!

M. Garrett

During a difficult personal transition time, Jill was understanding of me and my needs & worked within my budget. She was able to find an excellent home for us.

I would highly recommend her.


I am appreciative of the excellent service you provided, in particular your patience and responsiveness, and of course expertise. Thank you

Cathy Miron

I still can’t believe how smoothly my house buying experience was and I count myself very lucky that Jill was my agent. With Jill’s experience and warm personality, it was easy to place my trust in her, get comfortable and follow her lead. When the right house popped up, she was on top of her game and I got a house better than I ever imagined because of her superior skill.

I cannot offer any suggestions for improvement, I was extremely pleased with Jill as was my brother in two previous real estate experiences. I would recommend Jill in a heartbeat. Thank you!

Mr. & Mrs. D. Silverthorn

We thought the prospect of selling our home of 30 years would be daunting task. Instead, with the benefit of Jill’s knowledge, advice and positive attitude it became an enjoyable experience.

Ms. M. Clarke

After a couple of years of looking off and on with limited success, Jill showed us the perfect house within a few days.

Mr. & Mrs. B. Miron

We simply can’t imagine how Jill’s service could have been any better. You are the gold standard for all other agents.

Mrs. L. Davidson

Jill expressed genuine concern, thoughtfulness, reassurance and excellent guidance during the ups and downs. You have wonderful skills and knowledge, and are excellent in your profession.

Mr. T. Treutler

Jill gives all her talent and energy to the project, without ever projecting stress. Her calming, sensitive, thoughtful concern was most appreciated.

Mr. & Mrs. L. Wynn

We feel you have done an excellent job under some stressful circumstances.

Ms. J. Bosschant

Jill, the service you provided was excellent. The speed with which we sold our house attests to your experience and knowledge of the market. You made house hunting fun! Your advice to us in negotation was always sound. Overall, it was a pleasure to work with you.

Ms. Vegels & Mr. B.Miron

We both feel that we have gotten superb service every step of the way…If we hear of anyone house hunting we’ll be sure to send them your way.

Mrs. E.Campbell

I find you sensitive in every regard and very willing and able to relieve a great deal of the stress. I have already recommended you to several people. I felt at all times that I could trust your judgement implicitly. You made the move very much easier and more confident than it might otherwise have been. A big thank you!

Ms. P.Gan

Jill Was patient with us idiosyncrasies and sometimes indecision. She lived up her motto by never putting pressure on us or pushing us for sale.

Mrs. A. Howard

Jill Stewart’s service was no less than first class from start to finish. She was thoroughly professional, calm when I couldn’t be, reassuring when difficulties arose and helped me maximize the potential of my property.

Mr. W. Secnik

Consistent, reliable and unparalleled service. A pleasure to work with.

Mr. R. Baker

I’d characterize Jill’s work as very sensitive and caring. She gives all her talent and energy to the project, without ever projecting stress. Her calming, sensitive, thoughtful concern are most appreciated.

Mr. D. Cook

A very professional motivated real estate agent. Treats client with respect.


Jill, you really do live up to your motto – “No Pressure…Just Good Service.”! Of all the agents I have met or worked with, you were the most considerate and empathetic. It was a pleasure working with you. your attitude and work ethic made it all a happy experience.

Nancy Turner

You were very sensitive to the emotional element in this sale. We were glad Dad had directed us to you. Your gentle manner and expertise were greatly appreciated. Thank you, Jill.


Thank you for your help. I am so glad we ran into you. I have my new home. Please come and visit!

Mike & Marie

Once we had our initial meeting, Jill understood our needs very well. During the final stages of our negotiation, we thought we had lost our opportunity to purchase our dream home…but…thanks to her excellent business connections and negotiating skills, Jill turned the deal around! We certainly got an excellent service! Thanks for making our dream come true!

Jim+Barb Ronan

Everything fell into place as per your recommended schedule. An excellent job!

Don and Pat Silverthorn

We thought the prospect of selling our home of 30 years would be a daunting task. Instead, with the benefit of your knowledge, advice and sensitive attitude it became an enjoyable experience. We particularly appreciated your support and encouragement – without any pressure! Much success into future.

Betty & Ed

It was a really joy working with Jill. We felt very confident in leaving everything in her capable hands. She did an excellent job in negotiating the price for us. Overall we were more than pleased with the sale of our house.


It was a pleasure doing business with Jill. She made the whole process stress free for me. Thanks

Charlie & Pat Johnston

Everything went well. Your suggested movers did a good job. Our deal closed on date arranged. We are settling in nicely. Missing you well.


Dear Jill: It was a pleasure to work with you throughout the process of buying and selling. It was amazing how calm you could be and how you were constantly able to keep me up with the process. You expressed genuine concern, thoughtfulness, reassurance + excellent guidance during the difficult periods. You have wonderful skills + knowledge and you are excellent in your profession, Jill. Best wishes to you in the future and THANK YOU!

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